Please read before you arrive!

Nice that you come to visit the Funkenhaus! 
In this document you will find all kinds of information to help you with your arrival and stay. If you have any questions after reading it, please feel free to send an email to the person who will coordinate your meeting (workshop leader, buddy,...) or to


address: Leinestr. 8, 37574 Greeneaße 8, 37574 Greene
Talk to us if you are coming by car, because we have very few parking spaces.
Ideally you should park in the green area. The red area is not suitable for parking and the yellow area is conditionally suitable, especially for short periods.
Please do not walk through the neighbours' front garden!
With train: 
To Hannover or Göttingen and from there with the Metronom train to Kreiensen. This train goes from Hannover to Göttingen or the other way round.
Am Bahnhof Kreiensen steigst du aus. Von hier aus hast du ca. 2 Kilometer Fußweg, der in 30 Minuten für abled people entspannt zu bewältigen ist.
Es gibt einige wenige Busse, die vom Bahnhof nach Greene fahren. Die Haltestelle heißt „Greene Kirche“. Hier kannst du den Fahrplan abrufen:
If it is not possible for you to walk, please send us a mail (in time!) before. 
Follow the A7 motorway. If you are coming from the north, the last service station is "Harz", if you are coming from the south, "Göttingen".
We recommend you get off at the motorway exit Echte and hitchhike from there towards Kreiensen or Greene. At this exit, you can stand on the side where the A7 motorway from Göttingen to Hannover leads directly behind the exit at a small gravel bay. Different people have different experiences from 5-45 minutes.
There are still the exits "Seesen" and "Northeim Nord" from which hitchhiking is also possible, but the writer finds it more complicated from these two exits.


The Funkenhaus is a self-organised non-commercial place and not a perfectly renovated seminar house. This means that some things may not look or function as you expect them to. If you are unsure whether your needs for tidiness, cleanliness, etc. will be met here, please contact us in advance.
There are some shared rooms and a few single rooms. There is also a large garden where you can camp (unfortunately the main road is quite close and noisy).
Die Schlafräume sind, wie auch die Bäder, geteilt und für alle Gender offen. Falls du das Bedürfnis nach einem gender-spezifischen Raum hast, sprich uns bitte an. Wir schaffen es aufgrund der Raumsituation nicht immer, alle Bedürfnisse optimal zu erfüllen, und wollen gemeinsam mit dir einen Weg suchen, wie du gut hier sein kannst.
Hier sind regelmäßig Hunde zu Besuch. Sprich mit uns ab, wenn du planst einen Hund mitzubringen.
Please wash your hands thoroughly or disinfect them immediately after arrival.
Food situation
We save almost all our food. So there is always what is there right now.
Cooking and eating in seminars is exclusively vegan. 
We have a small kitchen which is very suitable for cooking for groups of up to 40 people.
If you have special food needs, please take good care of yourself, organise what you need in advance and bring it with you. Let us know if we can help you with this.
Falls du besondere Bedürfnisse an deine Ernährung hast, kümmere dich bitte gut um dich selbst, organisiere dir im Vorherein, was du brauchst, und bring es mit. Gib uns Bescheid, wenn wir dich dabei unterstützen können.


  • we have sufficient bed linen and towels on site, if you use them we would like you to do a load of laundry during your stay Otherwise, you can simply bring your own sleeping bag/bed linen and towel.
  • head lamp
  • house shoes


The Funkenhaus is a self-organised space, i.e. please ask if you don't understand something and be prepared to share the effort you/your group is causing.

The Funkenhaus is a drug-free place. This means that neither drugs are to be consumed here, nor (noticeably) intoxicated people are to be present. This includes illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. People who want to use the Funkenhaus but have an addiction that does not allow them to be drug-free are welcome to contact us in confidence - we will then try to find a way of dealing with them together. The Funkenhaus is a vegan room. Do not bring any animal (especially food) products with you.

Please read our collective agreements before your arrival, and you will also find our basic consensus there:
Please contact us if there are any points in this document that you find difficult or if you doubt whether it is appropriate for you, so that we can work out a way forward together.
Look after each other and take care of each other when you are here and always talk to us if you need anything or anything!


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